Bondi Beach

Everyone who comes to Sydney finds some time to visit Bondi Beach.  The famous surfing spot is just a few kilometres east of the city’s central business district and it is the beginning of a long stretch of beaches within a few minutes’ drive of Sydney’s skyscrapers.  To the south of Bondi are several other scenic spots including Coogee, Bronte, Clovelly, Tamarama and Maroubra.  There are also many quiet coves and bays with names that are known only to the local residents.

 Bondi’s long stretch of golden sand and blue waves crested with crisp white foam make it a favourite for many overseas visitors and residents of Sydney’s inland suburbs.  The beach seems to be bathed in sunlight for most of every day even during winter.  In fact the swimming pool at the end of the beach is the venue for a peculiar winter ceremony.  At the coldest time of the year a group known as the “Bondi Icebergs” add blocks of ice to the cold water and swim a few lengths to defy the daunting temperature.  The event usually features on the nightly television news!

 But Bondi is more than surf and quaint swimming traditions.  The beachfront is home to countless cafes and restaurants featuring many styles of cuisine, as well as several traditional pubs with an endless array of local and imported beers and sumptuous cocktails.  When visitors have had their fill of food and drink, a walk along the shoreline can be both refreshing and romantic as the stars of the southern sky illuminate the rolling waves of the famous beach.

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