Autumn in Sydney

Summer in Sydney is almost finished but there is still a lot of warm weather ahead as the seasons change.  Autumn will bring cool evenings and gradually some of the leaves will turn red and gold before falling to make carpets on the lawns of parks and gardens.  The days will be sunny and clear and many people will begin playing winter sports.  In Sydney it seldom gets cold enough to wear a coat and scarves are simply a fshion statement and not necessary.  By June the snow will begin falling on the mountains six hours south of Sydney by road and the ski resorts will be popular.  Winter in Sydney and most of eastern Australia is very mild and warm compared to Tehran - you only need a small amount of warm clothes, mostly for the evening.  There can be some frosty mornings in July, but the sun soon melts the frost and the rest of the day is pleasant.  Perhaps you even need to wear sunscreen!  


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سلام . من حامد هستم . حدود یک ماهی هست که با اشی خانم آشنا شدم و به منزل ایشان آمدم . از اینکه اینجا هستم خوشحالم و به دوستانی که مثل من دنبال خونه هستند پیشنهاد میکنم که قبلا از اقامت در هتل یک بار از منزل اشی خانم دیدن کنید .