Blue Lagoon is a beach resort located about one hour’s drive north of Sydney on the Central Coast of New South Wales, one of Australia’s most popular seaside districts.  The resort is a perfect place for families in the holiday season and also provides a romantic escape for couples during the cooler months.


The nearby beaches offer a full range of possibilities.  The docile waters of Blue Lagoon itself attract less adventurous surfers and those who enjoy snorkelling.  A short distance north – five minutes walk along golden sands – there is the pounding surf of Shelley Beach with its obvious advantages for accomplished board riders and swimmers who enjoy a challenge.  To the south is Bateau Bay with its rock pools and gently rolling waves.  The entire area is also favoured by fishermen  For the less energetic, it can be enjoyable to simply walk on the beach and explore the magnificent rock formations and the tiny sea creatures that live amongst them..


The accommodation at Blue Lagoon comprises fully-equipped cabins as well as camping sites for caravans and tents.  The best of the cabins are right on the beach from with uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean.  The surrounding bushland is home to several varieties of birds seldom seen in the city any more.


A few minutes drive away there is a major shopping centre at Bateau Bay and also close is the resort town of The Entrance, with its restaurants and old-time cinema.  At Gosford, just to the south, there are sailing facilities and a major sporting stadium which hosts national football league matches as well as rugby.


The drive north from Sydney is mostly freeway, along the picturesque F3, which was built by cutting the road through massive sandstone hills.  Trains also run frequently between Sydney and Gosford for those who prefer not to drive.

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