helping each other
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Hi, again

It has been so crazy last few days, people were running around, doing their own last shopping before Christmas, it is just like our own new year, people get excited to a new season, buying gifts for their own immediate family members and friends, people give present to each other, it does not mean that has to be expensive, even just a happy charismas or new year card.


I had new young single man coming to Australia for the first time just this Saturday, name Ali, he arrived later than usual, because of Christmas rush and traffic, but he was happy. I was waiting for him, so I took him to the place I promised before ( share accommodation) just close to my house, I actually know all these people who love to share their house with new comers , specially Iranian, I am so proud of being Iranian, when I hear good things about them from Australian, they say oh Iranians are so lovely and caring, warm, and kind, of course we are , that’s why all young Iranian here in Sydney, try to help other new comers and tell them about their own experience, making life easier for others.

I do remember few years ago, I had one young Iranian girl coming to Sydney, after arranging  accommodation for her in my own house, she arrive with another young man, I asked him who you are and what is your relation ship with her, he said few years ago when I arrived in Sydney, I was so confused and lost, took me long  time to know where I am and what I want to do, so I promise myself to help Iranian as much as I can, he just heard from his friend that  new person coming to Sydney , so he volunteered to give her lift to my house from airport, I was so proud of him, also proud of being Iranian, now this young man is very successful business man, he has his own business and employing other Iranian ,

It is so good to have a helping friends all around the world, so we should try to help each other as much as we can.

I should thank Damon and Joe who helped me to get to know this site and be able to write .