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Hi everyone, this is Ashie again, I have chosen to write about Katoomba today.

Katoomba is the largest town in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.  It is about a two hour drive from the city, mostly by motorway, and the road offers some lovely views back towards the coast.  The Blue Mountains are really large hills but they offer a completely different atmosphere to the suburbs of Sydney.  Katoomba is often very cold in the winter and the summer nights are pleasantly cool.  Occasionally there is snow in the colder months in the middle of the year.

Visitors to the Mountains are rewarded with spectacular views of deep valleys and sandstone cliffs that reflect the sunlight.  At Echo Point, small children shout and hear their voice bounce back of the faces of the cliffs across a thickly wooded valley.  Also from Echo Point one can gaze on the unique structure of the Three Sisters before making the short walk to the Sisters themselves.

Katoomba and the other Blue Mountains towns have some superb restaurants and tea rooms, as well as art galleries and lots of specialty shops.  The sweets shop at Leura is everyone’s favourite.  Katoomba also houses fine hotels ranging from the modern luxury of Lilianfels to the old world grandeur of the Carrington.  There is also a camping ground and plenty of facilities for backpackers.  During the summer, the town is full of bushwalkers eager to visit the valley trails and scale the pathways that wind around the cliffs.

It’s a great place to visit at any time of the year!