Jervis Bay
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hi everyone

I am so glad to be able to connect with you, again.

I have been very busy with my beautiful guests Arezo and Fatima with their husbands, moving out of my house after long long time, I have had pleasure to be with them for such a long time, I do miss them, so much ,they taught me so many things, specially Joe helped me to establish my Persian blog, which I am grateful for that, I have played Esm&famil with them and so many other memories to remember, I wish them evey happiness and success in the future, love to write again


Recently I went to Jervis Bay, which is three hours' drive south of Sydney on a pretty part of the coast.  The Bay is huge and so sheltered that it is home to dolphins and, sometimes, whales.  The sands of the beaches are pure white and dazzling in the sunlight.  The waters are turquoise at the edge and a deeper blue towards the horizon.  A walk along the white sands with your feet in the cool water is a perfect way to end an afternoon of dolphin watching.  The boats that take you out to see the dolphins are either fast or slow - depending on your preference - we chose the fast one and saw so many dolphins that we lost count of them.  They swam under the boat and surfed in the waves created by the boat's momentum.  So beautiful - it was as if they wanted to see us!     When the sun went  down the sky was full of stars and the restuarants offered every variety of food.  The next day we wore snorkels, masks and flippers so we could view the small fish and rock formations under the water nearby a wonderful beach.  It was my first time snorkelling and I hope to do much, much more because it was so enjoyable

This is one of the great adventures you can enjoy near Sydney and it is only one of many.  There is much more and I will be writing about them soon.

Love from Ashie from Sydney.