accommodation in sydney
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Hi every one

my name is ashie, I have been living in Australia, Sydney for 32 years, my children borne and grown up in sydney, I have been working and dealing with tourist coming to australia for more than 25 years, last few years I have had pleasure meeting and living with so many Iranian coming to sydney for the first time,during these years I found out about their needs and  problems they were facing when coming to sydney for the first time, such as accommodation, and so many other things. many young single or couples they arrive in sydney without having any ideas what they have to do,so I decided to have a web log and give some information to new comers to sydney.

1-I can find suitable accommodation for you before you arrive in sydney.

2- try to help you to open a bank account ( as is very important).

3- try to help you to apply and get your medicare card.

4- try to help and guide you to apply for centre link.

5-try to help you to book for driving training( with persian driver) to make you ready for the test to  get your driving licence.

6- guide you to Tafe and English courses.

7-guide you  to search for suitable job.

8- try to help you with cheapest and easiest way to do your daily shopping to customise your cost.

9- guide you to find the best mobile phone provider

10- help you to settle to your own home after while, getting the cheapest & the best quality house hold items such as bed , fridge, washing machine and so on

so if you are coming to our beautiful Sydney please give me a call 0417437774 or email me at ashiez_home [at], I will be glad to help you in any way  I can.

you can talk and email me in farsi language , because I am Iranian

best of luck