The Rocks
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The Rocks

The Rocks in the heart of Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, encompasses the past and future. The indigenous cadigal people inhabited the rocky headland and surrounding shoreline for thousands of years.

 In 1788 Australia’s first European settlers –British convicts and their overseers claimed the land and built their camp on top of the sandstone cliffs.

The rocks eventuully grew from an open air gaol into a vibrant port community, its colorful history filled with tales of shanghaied sailors. Rough gangs and gritty life still can be traced in the many surviving buildings from the last two centuries .but today the renovated former warehouses. Sailor’s homes and dens of iniquity houses a unique mixture of fine restaurants, one of a kind shops and galleries showcasing both established and emerging talent.

The Rocks is a uniqely historical Australian quarter, one where you can explore caman's cottage, eat in resturants located in some of the oldest surviving building in Sydney, and the village which echoes a long and colourful past and can be enjoyed by every one in an equally colourful present.

So come and enjoy the rocks at your own pace and on your own terms. wander around or relax, buy or browse, eat , drink, and enjoy the ambiance, delve into history or let it simply surround you, whether you are a first time visitor, or permanent resident, let the Rocks capture you imagination, the history has been studied, preserved and documented visitors can tap into the wealth of information to find out about the lives of the rocks previous occupants as well as learn about the history of individual buildings and sites they see today.

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