Australia day
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Australia Day

Australian have a national holiday every January26 to remember their origins and celebrate their achievements.

On January 26, 1788, a fleet of ships landed at what is now Sydney, Australia, these ships were under the command of Capitan Arthur Philip and had brought a load of prisoners from England The prisoners on the ships were not all criminals as we would think of them today, many of them were people who had been arrested because the government didn't like what they had to say, and some were poor people who had been jailed because they owed money.

These prisoners were the first European to settle in Australia.

Before 1783 when the Americans won the revolutionary war many of Britain’s unwanted criminals had been sent to the United States.

The desire to get rid of criminals was not the only motivation for colonizing Australia, Botany Bat, Australia made a good port of call for British ships travelling in that part of the world, also, Australia’s raw materials were an attractive reason for colonizing the country.


Since that time, millions more have chosen Australia as their home and wherever they are from, they all take part in celebrating Australia day.

During the last weekend in January, Australians enjoy folk dances and music of the many national groups that make up their land, these musicians and dancers appear in the oldest part of Sydney (called the Rocks) near the harbor where the first Europeans landed.

Capitan Arthur Philip’s landing in the harbor is celebrated each year on 26th of January.

In this day Australian celebrate Australia day in many ways, going to original places & BBQ is a very old tradition, and is the main focus on that day, the Vegemite a spread for toast is also very popular with Aussies.

You must not forget to were something Australian go to the beach, wave a flag and sing Australian anthem, &waltzing Matilda and eat vegemite and play didgeridoo, talk to people and HAVE FUN that’s what Australia is all about.