Sydney Tower Observation
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Sydney Tower

One of the famous places to see in Sydney is Sydney tower.

Standing 250 meters above the city streets, you can view breathtaking Sydney in all its glory day and night,  the observation Deck provides the best views of Sydney from a prime location, the highest tourist attraction and building in Sydney.

Towering above the city's skyline.Sydney Tower's observation deck is perfect for planning a day out around Sydney and understanding the intricate lay out of this beautiful and cosmopolitan city, Sydney Tower provides a panoramic 360 degree view from the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the north,picturesque Blue Montains to the west, historical Botany Bay on the south and to the east, the maginficent Pacific Ocean.

The observation deck has 18 binoculars that allow you to hone in and take a closer look at key sites,landmarks and the hustle of Sydney city, you can see Sydney as bird does, watch Sydney siders go about their daliy lives and catch the sights and sounds of this spectacular and diverse city.hope to see you soon in Sydney.

PS: There is also a revolving level on top of the Sydney tower which it spins and let you see 360 degree of all aspect of Sydney city.