Sydney Opera House
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Opera House

Hi every one, hope you  are all healty and  happy, I like to talk about one of world's great Iconic building, the Sydney opera house.

The opera house provieds a venue for many performing arts and presents a wide range of productions on its own account,it is also one of the most popular visitor attractions in Australia, with more than seven million people visiting the site each year.

The opera house has many performance venues such as, concert hall,opera theatre,drama theatre, play house, the studio, utzonroom, forecourt.

The Opera House was formally completed in 1973 having cost $102 million, the original cost was  $7 million.

 so if you coming to Sydney,one of the most beautiful site to see is the Sydney Opera House,we have had so many persian singer such as Ebbi to have a concert in Opera House, there are so many nice resturant and lots of places to see with performancers from all around the world performing in or around opera house, so don't forget to have your camera with you when visiting the opera house.

hope you like the information I am giving you about Sydney,

have a happy day


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اشی جون افتخار همکاری در وبلاگشون رو به من دادند تا اینجا براتون فارسی بنویسم! لبخند فکر نمی​کنم مطالبی که تا الان ایشون نوشته​اند و یا از این پس خواهند نوشت، نیاز به ترجمه به فارسی داشته باشه فقط مزیتی که داره، اینه که برای ماها خوندن به فارسی سریعتر و راحت​تره اما بر عکس برای ایشون که بیشتر از 30 ساله که اینجا زندگی کرده​اند، نوشتن به انگلیسی راحت​تر هست و علاوه بر اون،​ همونطور که خودشون هم اشاره کردند، کیبورد فارسی هم ندارند که بتونند تایپ کنند. به هر حال، اگر کسی احساس می​کنه که نیاز به اطلاعات مرتبط با این وبلاگ به زبان و نوشتار فارسی داره،​ میتونه روی همین پست پیغام بذاره و بگه.

Sydney sight seeing
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Dear All

I like to say that I am Proud Iranian lady who loves Iran and its people,I love to be able to help any new comers to Australia as much as I can, I know how to write and read &type Farsi, but do not have Farsi laptop, so I hope all my friends in this weblog forgive me for writing in English now I would like to tell you little more about Sydney and Sydney attractions.

Sydney hosts many sights and tourist attactions, the most famous sights are:

Sydney Opera house.Sydney Harbour Bridge,Sydney Tower.Darling Harbour,The Rocks,Bondi beach, Manly beach,Hunter Vally,Blue Mountain,Sydney Featherdale  Wildlife park,Sydney Taronga Zoo,State Library of New South walse,Circular Quay,Art Gallery of New Spoth Walse,Centennial Park,Jenolan Caves, and many more,so if you are coming to Sydney, after you have find out about your accommodation and most necesary must do things, such as job,you must see these places before you start working,I will let you know more about any of these places every time I vist this weblog.

have a wonderful day



Sydney Reptile Park
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Less than an hour north of Sydney,Australian Reptile park is the ultimate  destination if you want to get to know all of Australia's creepy-crewlies , there are more than a few to see.

as well as being a great school holiday destination,it is a fun day out for the famiy all year round, running throughout the school holidays is the hands on Zoo where visitors have the chance to meet baby aligatoors, Wombaths, phythons and Koalas, and so many other Australian reptiles ,another main attraction is the tasmanian devils, who are the stars of the baby animal show, so if you are coming to Sydney one of the most important must see places is the Zoo, not only for the kids , but for the parents ,I will write some more about australian must see places in near future

happy new year
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We had wonderful new year fire works here in Sydney, it was so beautiful, so many colors, Australia is the first country in the world to have the new year, where Christmas and new year happens in winter in many countries, we had the new year in very very hot summer, yesterday was so hot, and people were very busy preparing for the new year, most people had the picnic blanket and food basket, ready to go to opera house , harbor bridge, darling harbor, the rocks, botanical garden, manly and Bondi beach and so many other nice places to have their new year and watch the fire work, I have had so many people coming from all around Australia to Sydney to watch the fire works, they started going towards the city from 2pm,city was getting crowded by minute, at 9pm you could not fit another person in, every body was happy, people were kissing each other for no reason, people were so kind and respectful of  each others, lots of things to eat and do, 9pm fire works was good , but 12 pm was spectacular, then all SMS started people were sending messages to their love ones , by 1pm crowd was scattered and people were finding their way home, trains and buses were arriving every 5 minutes full of people , the people who did not have car or transport  had to walk home with sore legs , any way every thing went well again , well done Sydney

helping each other
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Hi, again

It has been so crazy last few days, people were running around, doing their own last shopping before Christmas, it is just like our own new year, people get excited to a new season, buying gifts for their own immediate family members and friends, people give present to each other, it does not mean that has to be expensive, even just a happy charismas or new year card.


I had new young single man coming to Australia for the first time just this Saturday, name Ali, he arrived later than usual, because of Christmas rush and traffic, but he was happy. I was waiting for him, so I took him to the place I promised before ( share accommodation) just close to my house, I actually know all these people who love to share their house with new comers , specially Iranian, I am so proud of being Iranian, when I hear good things about them from Australian, they say oh Iranians are so lovely and caring, warm, and kind, of course we are , that’s why all young Iranian here in Sydney, try to help other new comers and tell them about their own experience, making life easier for others.

I do remember few years ago, I had one young Iranian girl coming to Sydney, after arranging  accommodation for her in my own house, she arrive with another young man, I asked him who you are and what is your relation ship with her, he said few years ago when I arrived in Sydney, I was so confused and lost, took me long  time to know where I am and what I want to do, so I promise myself to help Iranian as much as I can, he just heard from his friend that  new person coming to Sydney , so he volunteered to give her lift to my house from airport, I was so proud of him, also proud of being Iranian, now this young man is very successful business man, he has his own business and employing other Iranian ,

It is so good to have a helping friends all around the world, so we should try to help each other as much as we can.

I should thank Damon and Joe who helped me to get to know this site and be able to write .












Christmas party
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Hello again

I like to give you little back ground of my house; it is 975 sq land with big front and back yard with lots of banana trees.

I have lived in this house for more than 22 years; I have had so many good parties such as wedding, birthdays and New Year parties, so many people who have lived in this house they have told me, it is lucky house, because all their dream of finding job, house, getting their license for driving and other things has come true, now all the people who are living in this house gathered in the kitchen arranging Christmas party , mehdi is calling all his friends to invite them , others are talking about what kind of food and drinks, they are going to serve, so we are all busy, I will let you know what has happened

Talk to you soon



more information about home stay in Sydney
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I am so glad that few people have visited my weblog, this is the first time I am doing this and I am so happy to be connected, how ever, I like to talk about the time when you receive your visa to say its ok to go to Australia, the first thing comes to your mind where do I stay that doesn't cost me much, and how do I find out what do I have to do ?????,

in order to make things little easier for yourself it is better to contact me on 0417437774 or email me on and let me know when you are arriving in sydney

what I can do for you

1- advising you regarding housing and finding the best possible accommodation to suite your needs.

2-show you and advice you about neighbouring, safty, location of shopping centre

3- provide you with general guidence to your new environment .

4- show you the bus & train route to city and other locations.

5- try to help and show you to shopping centre and give you some experience of australiaian food and what goes better with iranian taste.

6- try to help you to do your bank account, medicare, centrelink,

7- guide you to site seeing and show you around the city such as opera house, harbour bridge, darling harbour, Bondi beach and so many other beutiful places.

8-guide you to English courses, tafe and oether things suitable for you.

9-introuduce you to  new people who will become your friends later.

10- guide you to get your driving licence with persian driver to make things easier for you.

11-guide you to search for a job with so many sources availble.

12-  guide you to places where you can pay less for the good quality food or goods you buy for your self .

I will talk to you more tommorrow night, please email if you have any question

bye for now